teaching activity

    academic teacher at:

  • Cinematography Department
    of the Academy of Theatre, Tv and Film in Lodz

  • Department of Radio and Television
    of the Silesian University in Katowice

  • Film Theory and Media Culture Department of University of Lodz

    Engagement in theory research:

  • Includes practical issues associated with production of motion picture and theory of media as method of comunication as well with special regard to theory of photography.
  • Involved in numerous symposia concerning these subjects.

  • commited to Practical Work in Film/Video, "Media and Cinema Studies" project ; Development of European Modules JOINT EUROPEAN PROJECT (JEP) nr 13503-98, produced by Department of Media and Culture of University of Lodz and University of Reading, Film and Drama Department (Great Britain) and University of Stockholm, Cinema Studies Department (Swetzerland) where performed istructive functions.